Sunday, October 18, 2009

Solar Powered House

Greener Future: Solar Powered House

Greener Future presents another nice and eco-friendly solar home was designed for Solar Decathlon 2009. This time around, it is a well-designed solar home from team Germany. Currently placed at third, team Germany’s solar home has four simple modules making the house easy to construct. This stylish and energy saving home comes with a multi-use room located at the first floor and a loft that can be found upstairs. The house comes with a 40 rooftop solar panels, 250 thin-film CIGS panels on the exterior, and an 11.1kW solar photovoltaic system that produces 200% of the home’s energy need. With the outer look and the green feature of the house, many will definitely love to own one.

Greener FutureSource: iGreenSpot


  1. That's a great example of function over form because that solar-powered house is an eyesore!

  2. In the coming future hope to see more house going green.

  3. I wouldn't mind a house like that