Friday, October 2, 2009

Toilet Paper a Thing of the Past- Enter the Blue Bidet

Blue BidetGreener Future:

It looks like toilet paper may start becoming a thing of the past. With everyone jumping on board the green movement, realizing we only have one planet, people are finding just about every way they can to lessen their impact on the environment. One thought that comes to mind for most people is our use of paper, especially that of toilet paper, and it looks like the creator of the Blue Bidet was sharing the same thoughts.

People find the idea of going without toilet paper a bit shocking, but lots of people around the world do it, and technological advances like the Blue Bidet make it easier than ever. It is cleaner, healthier and saves a lot of water. The Blue Bidet is a bidet add on, not a complete toilet. Which not only makes it practical to install, but also makes the Blue Bidet very cost effective as well. The Blue Bidet was displayed at a local Home Show in Toronto recently with the asking price at about $69. Not too bad if you ask me. The Blue Bidet can be installed in under half an hour. They make a cold water model that just uses the line that supplies the toilet, and a version that uses hot and cold water but needs a more elaborate installation.

The Blue Bidet does not claim to completely eliminate the use of toilet paper altogether, but they do claim to cut its use by 75%, and to use the remainder to dry yourself off. These are some interesting statistics none the less considering in one single day Americans use 34,000,000 rolls of toilet paper. Those 34 million rolls equate to 221,000 trees, 255,000,000 gallons of water, 88,000,000 lbs of green house gas, and 161,000,000 KWH of electricity. These numbers are absolutely staggering, and to top it off, this is all in just one day in America only! So, if the Blue Bidet can really reduce our dependency on toilet paper near the amount it claims, it would do wonders for our economy. I think I may be purchasing a Blue Bidet here in the near future, so I will let you know what I think of it.

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  1. Interesting product. I'd have to assume that here in the US, the adoption will be very slow. You can't even find beday if you tried.