Saturday, September 19, 2009

California to Ban High Energy Televisions

california tv
Recycle How To: California has 35 million television sets — one for nearly every man, woman and child. Television use here in California accounts for nearly 10 percent of our electric bills. Alarmed that state energy consumption would spike as consumers switch from the old cathode-ray-tube sets to the new, energy-gobbling flat screen liquid-crystal display (LCD) or plasma televisions, the state's regulatory mavens have formally proposed regulations that would force the industry to make more energy-efficient models

California would be the first in the nation to start these tv efficiency policies, and it would go into effect in January 2011. It would require televisions sold in California to use 50% less energy by January 2013. Strict-target limits on greenhouse gas emissions for 2020 are propelling policymakers to cut consumption of energy and increase renewable generation.

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