Saturday, September 19, 2009

Nissan Joins the "Green Party" with Electric Vehicle

Nissan is joining the "green party" with other auto manufacturers as it sets to release the Nissan Leaf. This will be Nissan's first attempt at an electric car which seems to be the way a lot of the auto manufacturers are going.

Designed as a four-to-five seat, front-drive C-segment hatchback, Nissan says the Leaf is not just for use as a specialty urban runabout, but rather, it was designed as an everyday vehicle – a "real car".

The company is now saying that its new electric car, the Leaf, will get an astonishing 367 miles per gallon... even though it's a 100 percent electric , and runs on absolutely no fuel. Eclipsing the new Chevy Volt, another electric vehicle, which is claiming 230 miles to the gallon, Nissan is set to launch this vehicle in 2011. A well equipped C-class vehilce runs in the $28,000 to $35,000 range, without the $7500 tax credit the car will be expected to enjoy. If they are factoring that in, consider $35,500 to $42,500.

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  1. As a Nissan/Infiniti fan, it's really great to see this organization take a leap into this segment. Of course they didn't have much of a choice since their cars need to average the government standard in several years.