Tuesday, September 29, 2009

CFL Bulb Created to Save Money; Why are People Not Buying

CFLGreener Future:
CFL's are probably one of, if not the easiest way you can save energy and reduce your carbon footprint. Your walking through the garage in the dark, the light bulb burns out, you go to the local store and you buy a CFL to replace it. CFL stands for Compact Fluorescent Light bulb, they get as cheap is $2 now a days, they have been proven to last 7 times longer than regular bulbs, and they use LESS energy, which in turn SAVES you MORE money on your electric bill!

Oh, but we ALL know that! Than why are less people purchasing these CFL bulbs? I hardly ever feel so opionated over something but this one is just such a simple act to change; and to save not only energy, but for most people more importantly, save money. CFL sales are plummeting around the U.S., in certain states they are down as much as 50%. It is very puzzling to me, when I think about it, this is all no brainer information. The 2 main things I personally can come up with are that CFL bulbs warrant a slightly higher price tag, which you will save on in the long run on your electric bill, and the fact that people are extremely resistant to change. The second reason simply put, the mass market is unfamiliar with the product and its pros and cons, which can also put the companies to blame slightly because of the lack of marketing.

Green Inc. Reports :

"national sales of the bulbs have declined 25 percent from their peak in 2007, with sales in some regions such as Vermont and parts of Massachusetts declining 35 to 50 percent. Further, he noted, shipments of C.F.L.s ... down 49 percent in 2009 over 2007 levels."

These CFL makers, despite a decades long marketing push, are now worrying that without incentive programs of some sort, they could possibly lose even the small market share they've managed to get a hold of.

Okay so here is what boggles my mind, I completely understand not everyone wants to particpate in the green movement, that goes right along with people's reluctancy to change, but I know that the vast majority of people, if not EVERYOE, wants to save money. In the midst of recession, sales of these CFL bulbs are diving, just at a time when you would think MOST people would be doing anything and everything they could to save themselves some money. It's really unfortunate because it seems over time with everything we have just really abused the thought of instant gratification, other than purchasing something, rather investing into something that will save us money over the long run.


  1. Drat... I posted a long comment, & when I clicked post, it wandered off into cyberspace. Anyhoo... I purchase CFL bulbs, but for short-term thinkers (or those needing to cut expenses this minute), that can be a deterrent. Also sometimes they don't fit all fixtures that a regular incand. bulb does. And sometimes they are irregular in lighting. I'm not dissin' 'em, but saying these could be the reason some folks don't flock to them.

  2. It's incredible to me as well, such a simple step to head in the right direction! I thought people were moving this way, and had no clue that CFL sales were down!

  3. Ian
    I believe that most of the people familiar with CFL. The 2$ cost you mention related to the cheep and low quality bulbs, the kind that leave about double the standard light bulb.
    The solution is to stop producing them by government regulation, like in Europe. It will reduce the price of the CFL and save energy

  4. This is a great article... We recently moved into a house in which the prior owner used these types of bulbs. They had left some replacements, so I haved used them. I had no idea that they saved on electricity. This is good info!

  5. I purchased 1 or 2 CFL bulbs in the past and am looking forward to the savings in electricity. However, there are a few light fixtures in my house where the CFL bulbs will lok strange. I know it's cosmetic, but I'll have to find a way to incorporate the look of these bulbs into the decor. However, I plan to replace all the bulbs in my lamps with CFL bulbs. Green is the way to go!

  6. I know part of the problem is due to the color temperature of the CFL bulbs - The cool white light reminds many people of the stark office florescent tube lighting, hardly the kind of thing people want to feel in their homes. That said, we have quite a few CFLs and they definitely have helped us save on energy costs, especially with kids who aren't vigilant about turning off lights! Good article!