Monday, September 28, 2009

Online Consignment Meets Netflix -thredUP

old clothing
Greener Future:
Statistics show that people don't wear 25% of their old clothing in their closets. This past week, an eco-friendly company was launched to help people rid themselves of this problem. thredUP is a service that allows you to exchange the old clothing that you were bored of, or don't wear for whatever reason, for new ones. In a nutshell, it is a fairly basic concept, out with the old you, in with the new you! You can swap everything from video games to text books on the internet, why not old clothing?

The company has a very basic 3 step process, to recycle your old clothing.

  1. Tell thredUP exactly what you like. They shop other people's closets to find you hidden gems in your size that they think you'll love.
  2. Let thredUP know the great items you're no longer wearing. They will find thredUP members who are interested in items like these.
  3. thredUp manages the peer-to-peer exchange. You send and receive items using their pre-paid envelopes – no trips to the Post Office, ever!
For more information on thredUP, visit there website here.


  1. Thanks for sharing, I never knew about this.

  2. Great service! You've done a nice job on this blog, I had no idea there were so many green options out there.

  3. seams like a good idea but not sure i would want to trade old clothes for old clothes. i would rather just donate it.

  4. I had no idea that services such as this existed. Thanks.

  5. This is such a great idea! I'll still donate most clothes but for those few items I can't bear to part with because I paid too much or they're in perfect shape, I'll totally try thredup! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very interesting idea. Something else I like to do is have apparel exchanges. All my friends get their closets cleaned out, bring their clothes (plus books, shoes, accessories, etc) over, get to shop free, and it's a PARTY! What's left goes to charity. I've seen people get almost whole new wardrobes, and even the people who say they're not going to take anything because they want to keep the closet pristine--always go home with stuff.