Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Green Diapers are Love at First Flush

g diapers
Green How To:
I am so glad people are starting to address the issue of diapers. It is unfortunate because we need diapers but they are extremely detrimental to our environment. 80% of diapers used in the nation are done with disposables which comes to nearly 18 billion per year. These 18 billion diapers add up to 82,000 tons of plastic a year and 1.3 million tons of wood pulp -- 250,000 trees. After a few hours of active service these materials are trucked away, primarily to landfills, where they sit, neatly wrapped for hundreds of years. Well one company says they have the solution to this problem.

G diapers is a flushable, plastic free diaper. You have a few different options of disposal with these diapers.

1. Flush- You can flush, compost the wet ones. Everything that goes into making their flushable diapers gets reabsorbed by the planet in a neutral or beneficial way.

2. Compost- They say your garden soil will love you for sharing the contents of your eco-friendly G Diaper, breaking down in 50-150 days. BUT...please keep in mind, you can only compost the wet ones, not the ones containing the #2 ingredient.

3. Trash Em- You can toss these in the trash because the diaper refills are plastic-free, they will break down unlike disposables, which are made of plastic. They do ask that you attempt to flush the #2 ingredients though!

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  1. Really like this Post, One of my family memebers are expecting a baby soon and are looking to go Green definitely going to forward this to her! thanks for the info!

  2. I didn't know gDiapers existed. This sounds like a life saver. Thanks for writing about it. - Michael Thal (your e-How friend)

  3. Great article.keep it up man.This world needs people like you to bring change in this world.Keep it up your ehow friend

  4. Fantastic! We have a little one - I am looking into this, thanks to you. :)

  5. This is a great site with great tips!! I definitely followed you!! Great article on eHow also!!

  6. Wow, green diapers! Wish they've this when my kid was just a baby :< Great post!!

    Oh, I'm following u now :)

  7. This is awsome!! I'm expecting this weekend, dispers you can flush perfect!!!

  8. It's good to see that they are trying to make earth-friendly diapers. Cloth diapers are also a choice although you have to think about how much water you use to wash those everyday too. Great blog - very thoughtful and looks great!
    Write Moms

  9. This is a great article as well. I remember trying to use cloth diapers and it was so hard with the pins...and then washing. I wish they had these when my kids were babies. I'm gonna post this blog for all my friends on facebook. Keep the great articles coming!