Thursday, September 24, 2009

EPA has No Love for Nature's Prairie Dogs

dog prairie

Rozul and Kaput-D are two blood-thinning poisons that are being used to exterminate the prairie dogs. The poisons cause the little dogs to slowly bleed to death, thus weakening them and making it easier for other animals to catch them and eat them. Enter the domino effect, these drugs can stay in the dogs bodies and even their dead carcasses for weeks, which you guessed it, causes anything that comes along to eat them also receive this "gift" of the EPA's. The animals coming along to eat these dogs include several endangered species; bald eagles, ferruginous hawks, American badgers, swift foxes, and black footed ferrets.

All this noise definitely caught the attention of a lot of unhappy people to say the least. Defenders of Wildlife and Audubon of Kansas have filed a lawsuit with the EPA to get them to stop using these blood-thinning pesticides on prairie dogs. Also in the mix, The Fish and Wildlife Service, who have repeatedly requested that there be some agreement with the EPA on how to better regulate the use of these poisons. Of course as with all these heart breaking stories, nothing has been done to date.

One or both of these chemicals are allowed to be used in the following states: Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas and Wyoming.


  1. You're doing an EXCELLENT work! Keep up and the best of luck to you!!!

  2. We are indeed, as a people, destroying ourselves. It's so sad how destructive the human race is. I must apologize to God and our future generations for the abuse and rape of the earth we were entrusted with on behalf of myself and fellow abusers. I am so happy to see how active you are and driven. It makes my heart happy. Keep up the good fight. Thanks for representing.

  3. Killing of prairie dogs goes on all the time. In Oklahoma the mini-dogs had staked out territory on the plains, near what is now Fort Sill and Lawton. Lawton basically built itself around them, and now the prairie dogs are considered a nuisance.

    Killing goes on there, even though Lawton doesn't advertise it.

    Drives me crazy.

    Debbie -

  4. This is very well presented, provides great information, gives me a good perspective of the situation. Great job. 5* and more. Johnbraga

  5. It is such a shame how the respect for Mother Earth and her inhabitants has been lost in todays society.

    Thank you for bringing these things to light together we can all make a difference!