Friday, September 25, 2009

Recycle Your Old Ipod and Get CASH

ipod recycle
In my journey to find everything and everyone doing good for the environment, I find really cool things everyday. Some I bookmark and come back to later, and some I just have to share immediately. Well this is one of those stories I came across that I could not contain myself, I thought, if only people knew they could turn all of their old electronic gadgets into cash!

A company called Gazelle does just that. This company is spectacular. Not only are they green for the environment, they are green for your wallet, which is always a plus! So here is how it works.

1. You login to Gazelle's website and answer a few questions about the device then Gazelle will automatically determine how much it will pay you based on the quick questions you asked! (BTW there is never a charge, so even if you have just a piece of junk electronic device, Gazelle will recycle it for FREE!)

2. The company pays for shipping and will send customers a box for most orders.

3.One of Gazelle's 75 employees hand-inspects each device to insure the customer rating is accurate, and erases any user files -- from documents to photos to MP3s.

4. If the item is deemed to be in good enough condition to resell to secondary retailers, wholesalers or refurbishers, the owner gets a check. If not, Gazelle recycles it at no cost to the owner.

It's that simple! Gazelle takes 15+ categories: cell phones, laptops, cameras, & more with customers netting an average of $100 per device. That's right, the customer, YOU, sending them the old gadgets, gets paid! The company promises one thing to each customer which I thought was extremely valuable to know.
Gazelle promises that no item will ever up in a landfill.

To learn more about Gazelle and their recycle how to program, visit there website HERE


  1. Real Nice Man!!!

    This is a good find my friend. I needed to do something with my laptop lol. I appreciate the research your doing man for all of us :). Keep it up!!!


  2. Excellent tip!!! I have several things that I need to recycle; ex printer, cell phones, etc. Hopefully, I can make a few dollars. Thanks for the heads-up!!!

  3. Great tip! It's unbelievable how many old electronics end up in landfills - and so often they get shipped abroad first as donations, and then thrown away so struggling countries have to deal with the waste (not to mention the carbon issue of transit!). Keep up the good work!


  4. I will be checking out this website right now. Sounds like a smart thing to do.

  5. That's a great idea--now maybe instead of just piling my old electronics up in a corner of the closet, I can do something constructive. I'll also be reading your articles on eHow!

  6. Love it! I hate to think that these would wind up in a landfill. I will definitely use this when my IPod Touch is done.

    Would have done it with my old pod, but I guess I donated it to the snatch and grab artist that broke out my car window last year :(

    The Trail Boss

  7. Cool, I will recycle my old tmobile dash phone, they said they will give me 30 bucks for it :D

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  10. Interesting..I need to recycle my ipod. thanks for the info & referring me to your blog!